Friday, December 18, 2009

Bang Bang Bang...

A lot of good shit dropped over the past 2 weeks. Check it

-Damn Wayne, you let yourself get smashed on the only decent song from that lame ass rebirth. Nice work...but WOW does Em just come through and murderrrrrrr this. This is the no-weird-accent-old-school-soundin Em that made himself the best selling rap artist of the decade.

-This is a bad ass laid back bangger right here for sure. Both Game and Bust flows so smooth an the beats sick. I think I could throw one down over this

-Alright Wayne you sorta redeemed some cred here. Shits banngginn

-Just a st8 feel good BANGER

-Attn PARTY boys, here's the next one that thats gonna take over the club/party. Throw this on and let the good times role

-Just some hood as Gucci here that will have a car rockin hard.

-Mobb puttin it down allll smooth and laid back like always. I'll hop on this beat too. Shits HARD

-Who is this dude? This shits nice though

-I don't fuck with R&B, but this shits HOT

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Yeah I know I've been slackin on my shit. I made this post 12/8 and forgot to finish/post it. So I guess these are jams that dropped after Thanksgiving and through the first week in December. Might even of already hopped on the radio. F it gohard

Yelawolf ft. Bun B - Good To Go
-These two both go hard on this shit and damn that wolf guy might me the next Twista

-This is tight song...just wish I knew what nou la was

-Gucci kills it and damn who writes her lyrics cause she is too good for a chic

-This is a BANGA

-I don't care how many people jump on this beat cause its just a banger. I actually like pain on this one right her

-Here goes another smash hit from Akon for sure

-This one and the next are some nice tracks from the best selling rap artist of the decade

-Man Cudi is my dude. He hands down has the most original sound in the game

-YB goes HARD on this hot track

-Gucci killls this opening

-A rare Jody sighting over one of my favorite beats of the past few months

-This was a banger before Gucci jumped on it. now its just better

-Like I said before...I dont care how many dudes jump on it. Luda goes HARD on this one

Lupe Fiasco:
-These two are off Lupe's mixtape he dropped back on Thanksgiving. Both are nice but that Yoga Flame is insane

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Been Busy

Thought this was highly ironic that Gucci's new album dropping in December is titled what it is and all seeming he's goin to jail for at least another 6 months now. Looks like The State one this one.

-And the irony continues with...the reason he's goin back to jail is cause he violated his parole...come on Gucci. Anyways, he goes HARD here

-Another nice one from my dude

-Ye's whole G.O.O.D. music crew hopped on this one

-Alright, I tried to get you all geeked on the swag surf last year cause I knew that FLY track was gonna be hot. Well here's another hot club BANGER from those fly boyz

-This dude has been on FIRE these past few weeks.

-Game does his thang on this one

-Here go a banga off that new Ace Hood mixtape. Beats hard

-This shits hard and that beat is killin it

-Gotta like the titled

-Track dropped early last week. This is a lil taste of what you're gonna be gettin when Wiz drops that Deal or No Deal LP on Tuesday. I can not wait for that shit

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some New Newsss

I wrote this on 11/11 and forgot to post it so this shits kinda old but whatever...

Rap was lame last week, hence the lack of updates. This weeks off to a little better start, especially with that Wale LP "Attention Deficit" droppin today. The whole album is downloadable, I just felt bad posting it. If you want it just google the shit and it's there. Anyways....

-Some real shit here from Buck

-I swear I heard this a while back. Who cares BURR BURR

-Now I KNOW this one dropped a while back, but it was such a good Gucci banger that the no dj version is worth postin again. This shit goes HARD and def one of Gucci's best

-Nice track here from 50

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Raps Been Good...I Been L...

This past week was a great week for rap fans. New hot tracks and mixtapes we're droppin everyday. Here's a recap...

-HOTttesstt shit I heard Lupe spit in a while. He tears this up and takes it for hottest track of the week.

-Wow, this chorus and melody is sick. Yeah, Game likes to name drop, but this shits real.

-Here's another banger from him but he's back to that rappin and he goes HARD

-Yeah, I know I already posted this when it first dropped but it's that good that I had to repost the no taggy v.

-This has got that "everyone will like" feel to it for sure

-Wow Drake killed this

-I think Jody and Gucci are tied for my #2 behind Wiz for real. I need more of this in my life my dude. Fuck the DJ but whata you expect from some Jody

-So he was B.O.B., then he changed to Bobby Ray, now he's back with bob. Either way he's got a unique ass style and is niceeee

-A Boosssiee bad aaaazzzzz. I actually like this whole song ha. The beats proper

-Some grimy rap right here. Shits hard

-Dros pronunciation in this is great. Beat goes hard too

-Crazy colab here. The Game has been doin his thing

-HOTTTT track. Wale hits that crazzzzyyyy reggae flow

-No wayyyy Nicki writes up her own shit. Wayne and Drake are controlling her like a puppet cause she spits tooo hard

-God this is gonna be all over the radio no doubt. It's already even edited and ready to go

-Ross may always get beat on these rap battles, but this dude Gunplay goes HARDD

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Newbs of the Week...

What a week for Weezy F Baby. He dropped more old school/auto-tuneless/just a hit a flow Wayne type shit this week then he has in the past year. Keep it up Weezille

Lil Wayne:
-Told you all this was that jam back 6 months ago. Wayne goes HARD

-God this is gonna be that smash radio/throw on at the party to get the girls dancing jam 4 sho. Crazy colab here. And yes, Wayne does dip into a little of the old auto-tunes here but whatever.

-Wow it's been a while sense I posted if I still haven't got this on here yet. Wiz is the hottest in the game! He goes HARD especially on that v2

-Beats killin it and Clipse and Cam both put it downnn

-Sry for the DJ

-Killin it

-I can handle Drake when he goes HARD like this shit

-I don't normally like Gotti, but this beat is too nice and he's goin hard.

-HOT R&B right here. Throw it on and you'll be on some p

-Tyga has got that crazy voice and flow. I'm feelin this one

-Hmm. Where's Game been?

-Yes! This got be geeked. Not because Wale put it down on this but the fact that Wale jumped on Posner's beat. "It's only a matter of time" before he's realll big

-Just fwd to 2:37 and listen to Ross killlll this

-OK Jeezy

-Akon once again has another Radio hit here

I'm sure I missed some. Ill keep lookin. XP crashed on that little boy last Sunday. Ut oh, looks like I'm re-up'in with 7...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gucci Mane "The Movie 3-D: The BlurrPrint!" Mixtape...

I'll start off with the bad: This is a DJ Drama mixtape...which is terrible because that means every track is gonna be littered with him talking and yelling. The good news: The tapes got a bunch of new Gucci and from what I heard so far he goes HARD.

Here's the datpiff link. Go ahead and listen for yourself: Gucci Mane - Movie 3: The BlurrPrint Mixtape

Here are a couple of my favs. You just gotta Fwd through about the first 30 seconds on every song...


-Great track

-This is a BANGERRRRRRR. Turn the bitch up and get on that background "hey hey hey hey..." chant. And how different does Juve sound.

-Another one of those Estelle "American Boy" type tracks with a good rapper on it that both the ladies and dudes will be dancing to hah

-Crazy soundin song but Nas rips his shit

-Gonna be a hit in the clubs 4 sho

-I need more Lupe in my life

-Another one that for the clubsss

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


-Crank it up, she's a bangaaaaa. If your not noddin the head to this one I dunno about you

-Gucci kills this and he's first so ur in luck

-um yeah Wale goes HARD...but I would of almost rather had the original Verve's vocals on the chorus

-I still am not sure about this dude but he puts it down here

-omg does Royce go HARD on this or what.

-Niceeee remix from a guy I've never heard of.

-Soundin like those old school Swisha House flows

Wiz Khalifa: This is the audio from two old Wiz youtube clips. I've listened to these so many times I finally just ripped the audio and through it into itunes and on the pod. The ATL freestyle is one of his bests and the I Believe In Make Believe is gonna be one of his classics as soon as he finally decided to finish and release the bitch. Enjoy

Thursday, October 1, 2009

For the weekend....

Fuck Tate

-Just a lowkey boy over that raido hit that I can't get sick of. Throw this on after the bar and your gettin p bet

-Damn another feel good boy. You know CuDi is still my dude even though the LP was only average.

-Fuck Don Cannon. omg does the Hot Spitta RIP this classic P beat or what. He floats and the second verse god damnn

-YES Buck about time I heard you actually go hard on something. Yo Gotti...keep tryin. This shit BANGS

-Put this on if you're trying to get real hype cause the shit BANNGGGSSS.

-I think G Malone can flow. Damn this beat is my shit

-RB from St. Louie gets me geeked with that speach

-This dropped way back in June but w/ a cheap version. Here's that mastered boy. Don't be afraid to bang it and pretend that you ball

-Man there's been a few feel good banggaaaass today.

I hate female rappers...buttttt Young Money's Nicki Minaj has prob had some of the best flows over this past stretch of garbage music. AND....she's a freak. google her
-BANGGAAA. Gucci and Nicki go equally HARDD. Too bad it's edited.

-Zoe doin what Zoe does

-Crazy song

-Can't deny the club bangerness of this track...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Raps Been Garbage Lately....

Honestly, I haven't posted shit in a while cause there has not been a single song that got me hype enough to throw some shit on here...still not postin. Check those links on the right side of the page if you wanna do some research yourself.

In other news, my super-producer career has begun! Check out this m-audio Axiom 25 your boy just copped....Move out da way JD, here come's MARK-J.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jody Breeze > Lil Wayne & Drake today...

Both these tracks just dropped today. Here's a great example of Jody goin hard on a slow beat (damn does he KILL Jeezy) and Wayne and Drake soundin wack. For every 1 banger either of those two put out these days they go soft on at least 5. Shits weak

O and for those who don't know, Jody and Young Jeezy both got their start back in the day in the group Boyz In Da Hood....


Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend Banga'z...

Went to State this weekend. Got too wild on that swag surf. Here's what you want.
-50 kills this shit. He just bounces along this beat so smoothly

-Great Wale track here

-Yeeeeeaaahhhhhhhhhh GUCCI

-I need some more Jody in my life

-Who's Dose? Ross goes hard but Fab KILLSSSS it

New CuDi leaks off his LP droppin on the 15th:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm goin to State this Weekend...

Wiz - B.A.R. (Burn After Rolling)
-Dat dude

-Nice mix on that free falling beat

-I Like it

-Posner is on his way to the top I been tellllllin you....

Latest Blue Print 3 Leaks:

-JC is niceeeee

-I dunno if I want you checkin my blog anymore is you haven't heard at least SOME version of this bannnngggggaaaaaa. Here's the mastered version


-Ha about time Wiz got on something with my man Soulja

Monday, August 24, 2009

We Got Some Bangers Here...

Raps been good lately.

-If you didn't here Bow Wow recently signed to Cash Money Records. There's alot of good tracks below, but Bow takes the cake with this flow over an ole school classic. I've always thought he could go hard if he wanted to, and I think the new C-$ Millionare RIPPSS this.

-Crazzyyyy beat and flow by HOV. Top 5 DorA?

-H to tha OV

-CuDi's that dude...When that album drops in September, watttccchhh out

-BANGGERR. Luda and Gucci rippppp it

-One of the better ones I heard goin over this beat. Someone will prob top him but damn I love how he always going sooo hard on shit

-I just love this beat. TB doesn't kill it as much as Luda does but I love the beat and he is pretty smooth on it

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Mooonnnnddaayyyy...

Lil Wayne - Soo Woop (Snippet)
-If Wayne starts putting together tracks that sound like these snippets he been droppin I might just have to become a fan again...

-My man Bullet rep'n the CHI

-Nice Buck

-Man, this is my new dude for sure

-Feel good track right herrr

-Gucci goes HARD

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Leaks...

Cosa Nostra ft. Shawty Lo & Gorilla Zoe - Hip Hop Dead
-Zoe's a beast

-Hmm...Wale's trying something different. I dunno about it

-Yes Wayne, this is what we neeeddd

-Da Juiiceeeeee Mahhn

-This is a new dude that I'm feeling

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


-Nice little Wayne flow here. Short and sweet. This is the Wayne I miss

-This if the no DJ version off his newest mixtape "Mohawks & Heavy Metal"

-Wale just had to jump on it

-It's Gucccciiiiiii baby

-Birdman is so so but whatever

-Drake kills this

I know this has been out for a while but I just can't stop bangin it...
Rich Kids ft. Ludacris & Lil Scrappy - Patna Dem
-GREAT track. Beats crazy Damn Ludaaa.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y - How Fly (Mixtape)

Damn about time this got here...shits FIRE...Wiz kills it, what's new? It dropped Sunday so I'm a little delayed on the post but I've been busy. If you haven't already, DL NOW! Sample "How Fly" and "The Planes" if ur lookin for a sample.

-My fav track for sure. I'm feeling that upbeat classic Wiz sound. The Hot Spitta sounds nice too. Just an all around banga

Friday, August 7, 2009

Chamillionaire's "Mixtape Messiah 7"...

If you have not copped this new Cham then you NEED to...I've never been too huge of a fan. I mean, I liked the dude and all but wouldn't of said he's one of my favorites. But I swear everytime I hear him he's steppin his shit up. DL these off datpiff and enjoy if you're not already doing so.

Here are a couple of my favs...

Something For the Weekend...

I've been trying to check out the shit I missed in the last thiry days with no internet but there's a lot of stuff out there. Here's a few...I'll keep postin ones I run across.

-"I been a pimp my whole life so I'm addicted to hoezzzzzz" hah LUDA

-BANGER...who's Titty Boi and how smooth is that dude

-Yung Ju goes TOO hard on this. Fuck the Empire

-Nice track

-Brings that old Three 6 grimey feel back. "Ass and titties, ass and titties"

-BANNGGAAA...i know why they call this dude killer mike. ATL in the buildin

-Goin hardddd...what'd you expect from my dude

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm Back...

Just got that internet up in Chi. Throw this banger on and say the kid is back...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y - Rollin Up

If you don't already know by now, Wiz and Curren$y have both confirmed that the two are workin on a joint mixtape. This tape is gonna be str8 FIRE! Here's a little preview of what's to come...

New News...

Young Buck ft. Lil Wayne - Ups and Downs
-Yep, Buck been on his shit this week. This track FIRE

-This is morea the sound I NEED from you Wayne. Good shit

-U just gotta BANG this track

Cory Gunz:

-I'm not the biggest 50 fan, but he murders this shit

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Recent Mixtape's I Missed...

The first tape I'd like to bring to your attentn is a new one from my dude Gucci Mane. The tape,Writing on the Wall, is the very first OFFICIAL Gucci mixtape that's been released sense he got outta jail. The shits HOT and I def. suggest everyone takes a look at her...

And #2...

The Empire got on his grind and dropped this pretty exclusive tape for all you Drake-headz out there...I still just don't get the MASSIVE hype...

Yeah...I'll listen to a little Coldplay

Since May 15th, Coldplay has been giving away this live 9-track CD at every remaining show.

According to the band, the give-away is meant as a recession-busting mark of graditude to everyone who's supported them:
"Playing live is what we love. This albulm is a thank you to our fans - the people give us a reason to do it and make it happen."

Everyone should DL this....Coldplays nice, I like the concept behind the albulm, and it's FREE!

And YES...Coldplay does go HARD ha

So I Been L...

It's been like 10 days sense I put anything up. Sry but I got lazy as shit after finals were done and kinda fell off. Don't sweat though cause I got whatcha neeeeeddddd. Here's a big lists of tracks that have dropped over the past 10 days:


***Hott banga***


-Track go hard


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Str8 B.A.N.G.E.R - Luda & Jeezy "Drinkin and Drivin"

So I dropped this track by Luda & Jeezy early last week. Well folks, here's the CDQ/NO DJ version and the shit is toooooooooo legit. I guess Jeezy is suppost to add a verse to the track as well but damn, he better go HARD. Luda tore this shit up and Jeezy's chorus with the beat....straight crack

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Monday's Drops

Young Jeezy - Dead or Alive
-This shit right here....this shit right herrreeee nigga. Hah this shit BANGS

-I liked this track off Plies last albulm...too bad I don't really like P that much. Anyways, Joc decided to jump on it with a verse and this shit goes HARD!

-Yep...Gucci BACK ya diggggg

-Just a crazy track but Bun puts it downnn

-Nice track. Buck tears this shit up and Bun does his thing too

Monday, May 4, 2009

*HOT* - 3rd Leak Off Relapse

Here it goes, the 3rd leak off Em's Relapse and shits HOT...

New Young Buck Track...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Wiz Video...

Anotha Banggaa...

Gucci Mane ft. Three Six Mafia, Project Pat, Young Joc, & OJ Da Juiceman - Never Too Late Remix

Tracks From The Weekend...

Cam'ron ft. Jadakiss - Let's Talk About

-Dirty version should be coming soon

-Tack Go HARD

-Yeah, where da bread at??

-TIP goin HARD on this banggga

-Who's this Hawk dude? I'm feeling the chorus doe

-If you don't know who's in Oceans 7, look it up. Mixtape droppin SOON!

-Like Ye actually needs a song expressing his thoughts on his own ego...


-I'll never stop liking this crew

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Alright so Wiz has been talkin about this track droppin for a few days now on his Twit page. I was a little disappointed that he didn't throw a new verse on it but damn do Ya Boy and Fab rip this....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Couple New Ones...

Juney Boomdata - Meow
-I've been wondering this my whole life...when you find out let me know Juney

-Alright track but Ima need a new Game banger in my life soon

-Short but nice little flow here by my man

-Gucci kills it

-Tyga only spits one verse but he KILLS it...Sry about the Ill Will tags

New Mixtape Fulla Exlcusives

Along with the Luda tape below, them dudes over at Trap-A-Holics dropped this hot new mixtape today. There's a buncha new tracks on it from Gucci, Wayne, and others. Once again...FUX the "Trap-A-Holics" tags all over every track. Why can't these assholes just keep the bullshit tags off the shit...I guess you get what you get but DEFINITELY check this out on the datpiff link...

Oh and here's a few zshare linked tracks off the tape:

New Ludacris Mixtape: Disturbing Tha Trap

Luda just dropped this today. It's got all the shit he's recently put out + a couple new news for you. Too bad it's a Trap-A-Holics tape which = that bitchass DJ shoutin on every track. Luda's been bringin it hard lately so if you fux's with Luda, check it out on datpiff and DL if you're feeling it...

Monday, April 27, 2009

I Should Be Studying...

I'm about to get back to the books but I just thought I'd let you all in on some late night drops...

-Sum new Wiz for ya'll

The Attention Deficit Tour: Wale covering Drake's Best I Ever Had live last night in Toronto. I guess Drake was actually in the, he wouldn't even come up on stage when his boy was doing his song? That's why I fux with CuDi...

And here's a brand new Drake joint for you D ryders:

Here's the first clip to be posted from Lupe off his "Lupe Fiasco's Live Show" DVD droppin soon!

Gucci Mane - I'm Back Bitch Video

**CAUTION** This is some hooood shit hah...Sry I've been postin so much Gucci shit lately but you know Gucci is that dude. Thank god he's finally out for real and I'm looking forward to gettin a new Gucci track every other day. On the real, how hood is this music video? Damn Gucci, at least the camera a little better quality then that My Kitchen video from last year...

The new Gucci video...

Here's that My Kitchen video from last year:

Mike Posner & Big Sean Performing at Duke

Here's a clip of my dudes Big Sean and Mike Posner performing for a large crowd at Duke. They kill the first song ('Smoke n Drive'). They try and get one more song in but they get their mic's cut cause they were outa time. Posner keeps going and so does the crowd...I can't wait to see these guys live myself!

Mike Posner...If You Don't Know Him, Wake UP!

Alright so I first got wind of Mike Posner when I discovered my man Big Sean a few months back. He was on a couple of Big Sean's hooks and also was producing some of the beats for the Detroit native. Little did I know, Mike P and his group "The Brain Trust" have got some of their own material and the shit is DOPE. Like Big Sean, Mike P is from Michigan (Southfield) and that plus the fact that I think he's got some made vocal and production skills (no homo) made me do some more research into the guy.

After listening to him and his groups tracks, I'm hooked. The dudes got a totally unique sound that nicely blends rock/hip-hop/pop. He seems to like to take popular hitz that everyones heard, flip the beat up, and add his own crazy lyrics. I also heard him go hard on some originials and he empressed me once again. Here's what his MySpace bio says:
Mike Posner & the Brain Trust is one of the most highly anticipated new groups of 2009. Twenty year-old Mike Posner of Southfield, Michigan, first surfaced as a vocalist at the age of seventeen when he was featured several times on Detroit's 102.7 FM. As the brainchild behind some of Big Sean's (Island Def Jam/GOOD) best tracks, Posner has proved himself to be a talented producer. Mike and his live band, the Brain Trust, have developed a unique and refreshing sound somewhere between the realms of pop and hip-hop. On March 1st 2009, Mike released his first mixtape, A Matter of Time, with DJ Benzi and Don Cannon and has since received critical acclaim from every major hip-hop blog. Now a junior at Duke University, Mike is recording his debut album, The New Deal.

PLEASE take a look at this guy, I promise you won't be dissappointed. Check that video of him and Big Sean above and take a listen to his mixtape that dropped back in March...I'm callin it right now this guy is gonna be HUGEEEEEEE!

Mike Posner & The Brain Trust - A Matter of Time Mixtape
2. Drug Dealer Girl
3. Cooler Then Me ft. Big Sean
7. Who Knows ft. Big Sean
9. Smoke n Drive ft. Big Sean

Asher Roth Chiefin HARD

Check this clip of Asher blazin a J and talkin with a dude from High Times

Some Others New Ones I Forgot

Gucci Mane ft. Plies - Wasted
-Sry bout the gay ass Empire tags every 2

New Shit From Da Weekend

What up what up what uppp...Sry, I was pretty L this weekend and didn't hit you all with them new news but here it go:

-BANGERRRR. So this is the same 50 remix I posted last week but my man Gucci decided to jump on it. Shit is hard..Sry about the DJ tags...

-I'm not quite sure when this actually dropped...but I never heard it. Nice little short Gucci flow here

Drake - Best I Ever Had (Remix ft. Juice)
-This an old Drake track off his So Far Gone mixtape that my man Juice decided to get nasty on

-Catchy club bangga here from Swizz

-I normally think Birdman garbage, but I'm feelin this one. Yeah, lyrically he's garbage and this track is no diff., but damn if that aint a hype uptempo beat. This shit is gonna be a BANGGER once it gets mainstream...

-If you're not a real big rap fan, this track prob. gonna be too rough and hard for ya. Crook can str8 flowwwww thoughhhhh

-I almost feel stupid sayin it, but I'm feelin Diddy on this BANGGERRR hah...Joc is nice too...

-Don't know too much about this dude but he's got SKILLZ. I'm gonna b on the lookout for him

-Yeah I know the Gucci/50 version above is hyper, but I can't slack on that dude CuDi ya dig

-You all know I fuk with Ya Boy

-I've always thought Banks was kinda weak but that Flight School beat is toooo cold and he's actually spittin realll HARD on this one...

-Weird combo here. Regardless, shit is a BANGER

-Never heard of this SE character but Wale is my man so just start her at 1:47 and listen to Wale go HARD on a nice beat