Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Raps Been Good...I Been L...

This past week was a great week for rap fans. New hot tracks and mixtapes we're droppin everyday. Here's a recap...

-HOTttesstt shit I heard Lupe spit in a while. He tears this up and takes it for hottest track of the week.

-Wow, this chorus and melody is sick. Yeah, Game likes to name drop, but this shits real.

-Here's another banger from him but he's back to that rappin and he goes HARD

-Yeah, I know I already posted this when it first dropped but it's that good that I had to repost the no taggy v.

-This has got that "everyone will like" feel to it for sure

-Wow Drake killed this

-I think Jody and Gucci are tied for my #2 behind Wiz for real. I need more of this in my life my dude. Fuck the DJ but whata you expect from some Jody

-So he was B.O.B., then he changed to Bobby Ray, now he's back with bob. Either way he's got a unique ass style and is niceeee

-A Boosssiee bad aaaazzzzz. I actually like this whole song ha. The beats proper

-Some grimy rap right here. Shits hard

-Dros pronunciation in this is great. Beat goes hard too

-Crazy colab here. The Game has been doin his thing

-HOTTTT track. Wale hits that crazzzzyyyy reggae flow

-No wayyyy Nicki writes up her own shit. Wayne and Drake are controlling her like a puppet cause she spits tooo hard

-God this is gonna be all over the radio no doubt. It's already even edited and ready to go

-Ross may always get beat on these rap battles, but this dude Gunplay goes HARDD

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