Sunday, October 25, 2009

Newbs of the Week...

What a week for Weezy F Baby. He dropped more old school/auto-tuneless/just a hit a flow Wayne type shit this week then he has in the past year. Keep it up Weezille

Lil Wayne:
-Told you all this was that jam back 6 months ago. Wayne goes HARD

-God this is gonna be that smash radio/throw on at the party to get the girls dancing jam 4 sho. Crazy colab here. And yes, Wayne does dip into a little of the old auto-tunes here but whatever.

-Wow it's been a while sense I posted if I still haven't got this on here yet. Wiz is the hottest in the game! He goes HARD especially on that v2

-Beats killin it and Clipse and Cam both put it downnn

-Sry for the DJ

-Killin it

-I can handle Drake when he goes HARD like this shit

-I don't normally like Gotti, but this beat is too nice and he's goin hard.

-HOT R&B right here. Throw it on and you'll be on some p

-Tyga has got that crazy voice and flow. I'm feelin this one

-Hmm. Where's Game been?

-Yes! This got be geeked. Not because Wale put it down on this but the fact that Wale jumped on Posner's beat. "It's only a matter of time" before he's realll big

-Just fwd to 2:37 and listen to Ross killlll this

-OK Jeezy

-Akon once again has another Radio hit here

I'm sure I missed some. Ill keep lookin. XP crashed on that little boy last Sunday. Ut oh, looks like I'm re-up'in with 7...

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