Friday, December 18, 2009

Bang Bang Bang...

A lot of good shit dropped over the past 2 weeks. Check it

-Damn Wayne, you let yourself get smashed on the only decent song from that lame ass rebirth. Nice work...but WOW does Em just come through and murderrrrrrr this. This is the no-weird-accent-old-school-soundin Em that made himself the best selling rap artist of the decade.

-This is a bad ass laid back bangger right here for sure. Both Game and Bust flows so smooth an the beats sick. I think I could throw one down over this

-Alright Wayne you sorta redeemed some cred here. Shits banngginn

-Just a st8 feel good BANGER

-Attn PARTY boys, here's the next one that thats gonna take over the club/party. Throw this on and let the good times role

-Just some hood as Gucci here that will have a car rockin hard.

-Mobb puttin it down allll smooth and laid back like always. I'll hop on this beat too. Shits HARD

-Who is this dude? This shits nice though

-I don't fuck with R&B, but this shits HOT

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Yeah I know I've been slackin on my shit. I made this post 12/8 and forgot to finish/post it. So I guess these are jams that dropped after Thanksgiving and through the first week in December. Might even of already hopped on the radio. F it gohard

Yelawolf ft. Bun B - Good To Go
-These two both go hard on this shit and damn that wolf guy might me the next Twista

-This is tight song...just wish I knew what nou la was

-Gucci kills it and damn who writes her lyrics cause she is too good for a chic

-This is a BANGA

-I don't care how many people jump on this beat cause its just a banger. I actually like pain on this one right her

-Here goes another smash hit from Akon for sure

-This one and the next are some nice tracks from the best selling rap artist of the decade

-Man Cudi is my dude. He hands down has the most original sound in the game

-YB goes HARD on this hot track

-Gucci killls this opening

-A rare Jody sighting over one of my favorite beats of the past few months

-This was a banger before Gucci jumped on it. now its just better

-Like I said before...I dont care how many dudes jump on it. Luda goes HARD on this one

Lupe Fiasco:
-These two are off Lupe's mixtape he dropped back on Thanksgiving. Both are nice but that Yoga Flame is insane