Monday, April 27, 2009

New Shit From Da Weekend

What up what up what uppp...Sry, I was pretty L this weekend and didn't hit you all with them new news but here it go:

-BANGERRRR. So this is the same 50 remix I posted last week but my man Gucci decided to jump on it. Shit is hard..Sry about the DJ tags...

-I'm not quite sure when this actually dropped...but I never heard it. Nice little short Gucci flow here

Drake - Best I Ever Had (Remix ft. Juice)
-This an old Drake track off his So Far Gone mixtape that my man Juice decided to get nasty on

-Catchy club bangga here from Swizz

-I normally think Birdman garbage, but I'm feelin this one. Yeah, lyrically he's garbage and this track is no diff., but damn if that aint a hype uptempo beat. This shit is gonna be a BANGGER once it gets mainstream...

-If you're not a real big rap fan, this track prob. gonna be too rough and hard for ya. Crook can str8 flowwwww thoughhhhh

-I almost feel stupid sayin it, but I'm feelin Diddy on this BANGGERRR hah...Joc is nice too...

-Don't know too much about this dude but he's got SKILLZ. I'm gonna b on the lookout for him

-Yeah I know the Gucci/50 version above is hyper, but I can't slack on that dude CuDi ya dig

-You all know I fuk with Ya Boy

-I've always thought Banks was kinda weak but that Flight School beat is toooo cold and he's actually spittin realll HARD on this one...

-Weird combo here. Regardless, shit is a BANGER

-Never heard of this SE character but Wale is my man so just start her at 1:47 and listen to Wale go HARD on a nice beat

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