Thursday, October 1, 2009

For the weekend....

Fuck Tate

-Just a lowkey boy over that raido hit that I can't get sick of. Throw this on after the bar and your gettin p bet

-Damn another feel good boy. You know CuDi is still my dude even though the LP was only average.

-Fuck Don Cannon. omg does the Hot Spitta RIP this classic P beat or what. He floats and the second verse god damnn

-YES Buck about time I heard you actually go hard on something. Yo Gotti...keep tryin. This shit BANGS

-Put this on if you're trying to get real hype cause the shit BANNGGGSSS.

-I think G Malone can flow. Damn this beat is my shit

-RB from St. Louie gets me geeked with that speach

-This dropped way back in June but w/ a cheap version. Here's that mastered boy. Don't be afraid to bang it and pretend that you ball

-Man there's been a few feel good banggaaaass today.

I hate female rappers...buttttt Young Money's Nicki Minaj has prob had some of the best flows over this past stretch of garbage music. AND....she's a freak. google her
-BANGGAAA. Gucci and Nicki go equally HARDD. Too bad it's edited.

-Zoe doin what Zoe does

-Crazy song

-Can't deny the club bangerness of this track...

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