Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Alright so Wiz has been talkin about this track droppin for a few days now on his Twit page. I was a little disappointed that he didn't throw a new verse on it but damn do Ya Boy and Fab rip this....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Couple New Ones...

Juney Boomdata - Meow
-I've been wondering this my whole life...when you find out let me know Juney

-Alright track but Ima need a new Game banger in my life soon

-Short but nice little flow here by my man

-Gucci kills it

-Tyga only spits one verse but he KILLS it...Sry about the Ill Will tags

New Mixtape Fulla Exlcusives

Along with the Luda tape below, them dudes over at Trap-A-Holics dropped this hot new mixtape today. There's a buncha new tracks on it from Gucci, Wayne, and others. Once again...FUX the "Trap-A-Holics" tags all over every track. Why can't these assholes just keep the bullshit tags off the shit...I guess you get what you get but DEFINITELY check this out on the datpiff link...

Oh and here's a few zshare linked tracks off the tape:

New Ludacris Mixtape: Disturbing Tha Trap

Luda just dropped this today. It's got all the shit he's recently put out + a couple new news for you. Too bad it's a Trap-A-Holics tape which = that bitchass DJ shoutin on every track. Luda's been bringin it hard lately so if you fux's with Luda, check it out on datpiff and DL if you're feeling it...

Monday, April 27, 2009

I Should Be Studying...

I'm about to get back to the books but I just thought I'd let you all in on some late night drops...

-Sum new Wiz for ya'll

The Attention Deficit Tour: Wale covering Drake's Best I Ever Had live last night in Toronto. I guess Drake was actually in the, he wouldn't even come up on stage when his boy was doing his song? That's why I fux with CuDi...

And here's a brand new Drake joint for you D ryders:

Here's the first clip to be posted from Lupe off his "Lupe Fiasco's Live Show" DVD droppin soon!

Gucci Mane - I'm Back Bitch Video

**CAUTION** This is some hooood shit hah...Sry I've been postin so much Gucci shit lately but you know Gucci is that dude. Thank god he's finally out for real and I'm looking forward to gettin a new Gucci track every other day. On the real, how hood is this music video? Damn Gucci, at least the camera a little better quality then that My Kitchen video from last year...

The new Gucci video...

Here's that My Kitchen video from last year:

Mike Posner & Big Sean Performing at Duke

Here's a clip of my dudes Big Sean and Mike Posner performing for a large crowd at Duke. They kill the first song ('Smoke n Drive'). They try and get one more song in but they get their mic's cut cause they were outa time. Posner keeps going and so does the crowd...I can't wait to see these guys live myself!

Mike Posner...If You Don't Know Him, Wake UP!

Alright so I first got wind of Mike Posner when I discovered my man Big Sean a few months back. He was on a couple of Big Sean's hooks and also was producing some of the beats for the Detroit native. Little did I know, Mike P and his group "The Brain Trust" have got some of their own material and the shit is DOPE. Like Big Sean, Mike P is from Michigan (Southfield) and that plus the fact that I think he's got some made vocal and production skills (no homo) made me do some more research into the guy.

After listening to him and his groups tracks, I'm hooked. The dudes got a totally unique sound that nicely blends rock/hip-hop/pop. He seems to like to take popular hitz that everyones heard, flip the beat up, and add his own crazy lyrics. I also heard him go hard on some originials and he empressed me once again. Here's what his MySpace bio says:
Mike Posner & the Brain Trust is one of the most highly anticipated new groups of 2009. Twenty year-old Mike Posner of Southfield, Michigan, first surfaced as a vocalist at the age of seventeen when he was featured several times on Detroit's 102.7 FM. As the brainchild behind some of Big Sean's (Island Def Jam/GOOD) best tracks, Posner has proved himself to be a talented producer. Mike and his live band, the Brain Trust, have developed a unique and refreshing sound somewhere between the realms of pop and hip-hop. On March 1st 2009, Mike released his first mixtape, A Matter of Time, with DJ Benzi and Don Cannon and has since received critical acclaim from every major hip-hop blog. Now a junior at Duke University, Mike is recording his debut album, The New Deal.

PLEASE take a look at this guy, I promise you won't be dissappointed. Check that video of him and Big Sean above and take a listen to his mixtape that dropped back in March...I'm callin it right now this guy is gonna be HUGEEEEEEE!

Mike Posner & The Brain Trust - A Matter of Time Mixtape
2. Drug Dealer Girl
3. Cooler Then Me ft. Big Sean
7. Who Knows ft. Big Sean
9. Smoke n Drive ft. Big Sean

Asher Roth Chiefin HARD

Check this clip of Asher blazin a J and talkin with a dude from High Times

Some Others New Ones I Forgot

Gucci Mane ft. Plies - Wasted
-Sry bout the gay ass Empire tags every 2

New Shit From Da Weekend

What up what up what uppp...Sry, I was pretty L this weekend and didn't hit you all with them new news but here it go:

-BANGERRRR. So this is the same 50 remix I posted last week but my man Gucci decided to jump on it. Shit is hard..Sry about the DJ tags...

-I'm not quite sure when this actually dropped...but I never heard it. Nice little short Gucci flow here

Drake - Best I Ever Had (Remix ft. Juice)
-This an old Drake track off his So Far Gone mixtape that my man Juice decided to get nasty on

-Catchy club bangga here from Swizz

-I normally think Birdman garbage, but I'm feelin this one. Yeah, lyrically he's garbage and this track is no diff., but damn if that aint a hype uptempo beat. This shit is gonna be a BANGGER once it gets mainstream...

-If you're not a real big rap fan, this track prob. gonna be too rough and hard for ya. Crook can str8 flowwwww thoughhhhh

-I almost feel stupid sayin it, but I'm feelin Diddy on this BANGGERRR hah...Joc is nice too...

-Don't know too much about this dude but he's got SKILLZ. I'm gonna b on the lookout for him

-Yeah I know the Gucci/50 version above is hyper, but I can't slack on that dude CuDi ya dig

-You all know I fuk with Ya Boy

-I've always thought Banks was kinda weak but that Flight School beat is toooo cold and he's actually spittin realll HARD on this one...

-Weird combo here. Regardless, shit is a BANGER

-Never heard of this SE character but Wale is my man so just start her at 1:47 and listen to Wale go HARD on a nice beat

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eminem - 3am (2nd Relapse Leak)

So here's the recently leaked artwork and 2nd single "3am" from Em's upcoming LP Relapse...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Curren$y Mixtape..."This Ain't No Mixtape"

Yes the young Hot Spitta himself at it again. Curren$y got that just chilled out flow but dude spits crack fo shooo. This shit is nice...SO DL a bitch 

Give the songs a listen and DL here at datpiff:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Couple New Ones For Ya Boiii

Charles Hamilton - Barbara Walters
-Apparently this is gonna be the first single off Chuck's upcoming debut albulm, This Perfect Life, set to drop on June 23. The tracks nice....Chuck is just a weird dude though

I posted both these a little while back but the official/mastered versions just dropped...

-Giver a listen cause Buck go nice on that 2nd vs. 

-This is a BANGER....Sry bout the DJ, I'm sure the NODJ version will come soon

-Another BANGER from my man Zoe. Keep that shit up son 

Monday, April 20, 2009

New KiD CuDi Mixtape! "Dat Kid From Cleveland"

Before you get too geeked, this isn't actually a "New" CuDi tape cause it's only got one new leak ("Daps and Pounds") but regardless, if you havent been up on ur CuDi shit I def. recom. DL'n this boy. It's really just a combo of all the newer shit CuDi's dropped in the last few months or so, but what a nice way to get all that shit on a single CD....

BTW...the new joint feat. on the tape is illy: Daps and Pounds

Peep the whole tape and DL her here:
                       KiD CuDi - Dat Kid From Cleveland Mixtape

Leaks of The Day...Get Ur 4/20 Game Str8

Here some new shit to bang out to while ur closeing up the holiday festivities tonight...

*Fixed link*
  -Um...BANGER #1

  -Um...BANGER #2 a da day

   -Just a hood ass track to get you crunk

   -Ross puts down a nice verse on this Jones song from a while back

   -Aaaaaa  Boosssiieee baddd azzzzzz

   -Big Sean been gettin buzzyy

   -I posted this banga yesterday w/ the DJ on it and luckly the NO DJ version has surfaced today. Both go HARD 


Flight School is HERE!!!

That Wiz shit FINALLY arrived last Friday. If ur noobin and still havent copped her yet, follow the link for the full tape DL. Enjoy...

Big Sean's New Mixtape "uknowbigsean"

Finally, the much anticipated sophmore mixtape from the up-and-coming Detroit rapper Big Sean is HERE! Signed to Kanye's G.O.O.D. music label, the kids been surrounded by talent  This shit dropped last week and I definitly recommend you all check it out...I been fuckin wit Big Sean for a few months now and I think the dude is nice. Check out a couple hits from the albulm and then DL da bitch if ur feelin it...

Couple my favs:

Dl the full mixtape here: UknowBigSean

New Shit To Get Your 4/20 Bangin...

Plus Givens Ft. Rick Ross- 9 To 5

Black Eyed Peas Ft. 50 Cent- Boom Boom Pow
-50 go hard on this shit

Rick Ross ft. Frank Linin, Gunplay & Torch- Throw Em In The Sky

Lil Wayne - Fix
-Some nice NEW WAYNE here...Sry about the DJ

Tyga ft. Lil Wayne - Lay You Down
-Nice chill'd out track

Nicki Minaj Ft. Lil Wayne- Go Hard
-Damn this Nicki chic go NICE and way to go Wayne, a remix with a new verse for fuckin once

Jay Rock - We Made You Freestyle
-Best flow on this Em beat I heard yet...Props J

Luch Million- In Da Mood
-One a them old school/R&B sound'n jams...neva heard of Luch though...

KiD CuDi- Higher Up
-My man CuDi spittin somthing over that "Imagine" beat

Hot Rod Ft. Lupe Fiasco- Coolest Nigga
-Hot Rod go HARD on this old Lupe boy...I just wish I could get some NEW Lupe in my life ya digggg

Birdman ft. Pharrell & Mack Maine- Champion

Skyzoo ft. Wale - Freshfest
-Damn Wale is DAT dude

Lil Scrappy Ft. Diamond- Phone Tag
-Some hood shit right herrrrrr

Bun B - I Love College Freestyle

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fuk It...This Song Go HARD

Every once in a while I see posts come up about my man Kyle Lucas. The little known white dude from the burbs doesnt have a huge following, buts got the ability to spitttt it here and there.  I honestly don't really like to many of his songs, but god dam does he KILL this track. Youtube the dude is you wanna see what he's all about or just listen to this FIRE he dropped last month...

New Shit I Been Banggin

Some new Gucci that b KILLIN IT:
         -On Deck

Couple new NICE Chamillionaire Bangers:

"Flight School" Almost Here..

Alright alright I know Wiz has been bullshitin and has stated like 100 release dates for his much anticipated mixtape "Flight School" but I promise, it shall be here anyday now.

Wiz said last week that it was droppin on Tuesday, then Tuesday came, and he pushed it back to this Friday. I'm really thinkin it actually will drop this just in case you've missed the leaks here they are:

Watch out for "Flight School" THIS FRIDAY....Wiz gonna kill it 

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday's Drops

Lil Wayne ft. Casely - Pump That Like This

-I'm feelin this Tyga

-Fresh NEW for that "Back On My Buck Shit" mixtape droppin soon

Thursday, April 9, 2009

And they keep Cominnn...


-Havn't heard much from these guys but the track nice

-I'll bump

Plz, watch this Kid CuDi video and try and tell me the dude is not a BEAST. He spits that shit sooooo niiiceeeeee--------------Kid CuDi OnDaSpot Freestyle
-Shw Lo is annoyin but Gucci's verse is nice

New Rich Boy Mixtape...About Time

About time this tape dropped. It's release date been gettin pushed back worse then Wiz and that Flight School. This shit is realllll nice. We need more Rich Boy in all our lives... to listen and DL: Rich Boy-Pacc Man Mixtape

Or, get that direct DL HERE

"Maybach Music 2"---Banggerr

Rick Ross ft. Kanye, Lil Wayne & T.Pain-Maybach Music 2
-Yep, shhhheeeeeeeesss a Banggerr

-Man I told you that Lady GaGa track was hot when CuDi and them got on Cham said I want a shot. Nice shit

Wednesday, April 8, 2009



Kid CuDi ft. Kanye & Common - I Poke Her Face
-Feelin that Lady GaGa hook doeee


Some new J.Roc (J.Rocwell):

-I norm don't fuck wit Banks but I gotta say he does kill that first verse. Sry but couldn't     find da dirty dirty 

P.S. Ron Browz, kill urself

-Some new Gucci GUCCI and he goin pretty bad on no zshare

-I wish CuDi's shit was new on this but its just the original song w/ a Ross freestyle on the end. I don't really care though cause CuDi is that deal and I'll bang that shit. Ross's flow is nice...wayyy too short doe 

-Boss Man himself goin hard

-Some new nice Boosiebadass

-Dropped a couple days back and I forgot to post. These two are prob. 2/current top 5 for ur boy. The songs nice but I want a bangerrr from them. 

-Nice track. Getum Nas...sry no Z

-Nice one for the parties and da ladies. 

-Brisscoooo...lettsss gooooo

-Sry bout the DJ but Gucci backkkkkk

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You Won't Hit A Flow

I was youtube'n and came across this old Outkast track off their Aug. o6' album "Idlewild". For some reason I been bangin it hard again. The way these two go at this incredible beat is toooo smooth. I knew 3000 was a beast but damn Big Boi mighta got him on this one.  That beat is so nice that I been havin to flow on her. I included the instrumental link too just in case this one causes that head to start bobbin and ur feelin like spittin...

2nd Wiz Leak Off "Flight School" Tape