Monday, August 24, 2009

We Got Some Bangers Here...

Raps been good lately.

-If you didn't here Bow Wow recently signed to Cash Money Records. There's alot of good tracks below, but Bow takes the cake with this flow over an ole school classic. I've always thought he could go hard if he wanted to, and I think the new C-$ Millionare RIPPSS this.

-Crazzyyyy beat and flow by HOV. Top 5 DorA?

-H to tha OV

-CuDi's that dude...When that album drops in September, watttccchhh out

-BANGGERR. Luda and Gucci rippppp it

-One of the better ones I heard goin over this beat. Someone will prob top him but damn I love how he always going sooo hard on shit

-I just love this beat. TB doesn't kill it as much as Luda does but I love the beat and he is pretty smooth on it

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Mooonnnnddaayyyy...

Lil Wayne - Soo Woop (Snippet)
-If Wayne starts putting together tracks that sound like these snippets he been droppin I might just have to become a fan again...

-My man Bullet rep'n the CHI

-Nice Buck

-Man, this is my new dude for sure

-Feel good track right herrr

-Gucci goes HARD

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Leaks...

Cosa Nostra ft. Shawty Lo & Gorilla Zoe - Hip Hop Dead
-Zoe's a beast

-Hmm...Wale's trying something different. I dunno about it

-Yes Wayne, this is what we neeeddd

-Da Juiiceeeeee Mahhn

-This is a new dude that I'm feeling

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


-Nice little Wayne flow here. Short and sweet. This is the Wayne I miss

-This if the no DJ version off his newest mixtape "Mohawks & Heavy Metal"

-Wale just had to jump on it

-It's Gucccciiiiiii baby

-Birdman is so so but whatever

-Drake kills this

I know this has been out for a while but I just can't stop bangin it...
Rich Kids ft. Ludacris & Lil Scrappy - Patna Dem
-GREAT track. Beats crazy Damn Ludaaa.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y - How Fly (Mixtape)

Damn about time this got here...shits FIRE...Wiz kills it, what's new? It dropped Sunday so I'm a little delayed on the post but I've been busy. If you haven't already, DL NOW! Sample "How Fly" and "The Planes" if ur lookin for a sample.

-My fav track for sure. I'm feeling that upbeat classic Wiz sound. The Hot Spitta sounds nice too. Just an all around banga

Friday, August 7, 2009

Chamillionaire's "Mixtape Messiah 7"...

If you have not copped this new Cham then you NEED to...I've never been too huge of a fan. I mean, I liked the dude and all but wouldn't of said he's one of my favorites. But I swear everytime I hear him he's steppin his shit up. DL these off datpiff and enjoy if you're not already doing so.

Here are a couple of my favs...

Something For the Weekend...

I've been trying to check out the shit I missed in the last thiry days with no internet but there's a lot of stuff out there. Here's a few...I'll keep postin ones I run across.

-"I been a pimp my whole life so I'm addicted to hoezzzzzz" hah LUDA

-BANGER...who's Titty Boi and how smooth is that dude

-Yung Ju goes TOO hard on this. Fuck the Empire

-Nice track

-Brings that old Three 6 grimey feel back. "Ass and titties, ass and titties"

-BANNGGAAA...i know why they call this dude killer mike. ATL in the buildin

-Goin hardddd...what'd you expect from my dude

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm Back...

Just got that internet up in Chi. Throw this banger on and say the kid is back...