Monday, April 27, 2009

Mike Posner...If You Don't Know Him, Wake UP!

Alright so I first got wind of Mike Posner when I discovered my man Big Sean a few months back. He was on a couple of Big Sean's hooks and also was producing some of the beats for the Detroit native. Little did I know, Mike P and his group "The Brain Trust" have got some of their own material and the shit is DOPE. Like Big Sean, Mike P is from Michigan (Southfield) and that plus the fact that I think he's got some made vocal and production skills (no homo) made me do some more research into the guy.

After listening to him and his groups tracks, I'm hooked. The dudes got a totally unique sound that nicely blends rock/hip-hop/pop. He seems to like to take popular hitz that everyones heard, flip the beat up, and add his own crazy lyrics. I also heard him go hard on some originials and he empressed me once again. Here's what his MySpace bio says:
Mike Posner & the Brain Trust is one of the most highly anticipated new groups of 2009. Twenty year-old Mike Posner of Southfield, Michigan, first surfaced as a vocalist at the age of seventeen when he was featured several times on Detroit's 102.7 FM. As the brainchild behind some of Big Sean's (Island Def Jam/GOOD) best tracks, Posner has proved himself to be a talented producer. Mike and his live band, the Brain Trust, have developed a unique and refreshing sound somewhere between the realms of pop and hip-hop. On March 1st 2009, Mike released his first mixtape, A Matter of Time, with DJ Benzi and Don Cannon and has since received critical acclaim from every major hip-hop blog. Now a junior at Duke University, Mike is recording his debut album, The New Deal.

PLEASE take a look at this guy, I promise you won't be dissappointed. Check that video of him and Big Sean above and take a listen to his mixtape that dropped back in March...I'm callin it right now this guy is gonna be HUGEEEEEEE!

Mike Posner & The Brain Trust - A Matter of Time Mixtape
2. Drug Dealer Girl
3. Cooler Then Me ft. Big Sean
7. Who Knows ft. Big Sean
9. Smoke n Drive ft. Big Sean

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