Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some New Newsss

I wrote this on 11/11 and forgot to post it so this shits kinda old but whatever...

Rap was lame last week, hence the lack of updates. This weeks off to a little better start, especially with that Wale LP "Attention Deficit" droppin today. The whole album is downloadable, I just felt bad posting it. If you want it just google the shit and it's there. Anyways....

-Some real shit here from Buck

-I swear I heard this a while back. Who cares BURR BURR

-Now I KNOW this one dropped a while back, but it was such a good Gucci banger that the no dj version is worth postin again. This shit goes HARD and def one of Gucci's best

-Nice track here from 50

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