Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Yeah I know I've been slackin on my shit. I made this post 12/8 and forgot to finish/post it. So I guess these are jams that dropped after Thanksgiving and through the first week in December. Might even of already hopped on the radio. F it gohard

Yelawolf ft. Bun B - Good To Go
-These two both go hard on this shit and damn that wolf guy might me the next Twista

-This is tight song...just wish I knew what nou la was

-Gucci kills it and damn who writes her lyrics cause she is too good for a chic

-This is a BANGA

-I don't care how many people jump on this beat cause its just a banger. I actually like pain on this one right her

-Here goes another smash hit from Akon for sure

-This one and the next are some nice tracks from the best selling rap artist of the decade

-Man Cudi is my dude. He hands down has the most original sound in the game

-YB goes HARD on this hot track

-Gucci killls this opening

-A rare Jody sighting over one of my favorite beats of the past few months

-This was a banger before Gucci jumped on it. now its just better

-Like I said before...I dont care how many dudes jump on it. Luda goes HARD on this one

Lupe Fiasco:
-These two are off Lupe's mixtape he dropped back on Thanksgiving. Both are nice but that Yoga Flame is insane

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