Sunday, October 25, 2009

Newbs of the Week...

What a week for Weezy F Baby. He dropped more old school/auto-tuneless/just a hit a flow Wayne type shit this week then he has in the past year. Keep it up Weezille

Lil Wayne:
-Told you all this was that jam back 6 months ago. Wayne goes HARD

-God this is gonna be that smash radio/throw on at the party to get the girls dancing jam 4 sho. Crazy colab here. And yes, Wayne does dip into a little of the old auto-tunes here but whatever.

-Wow it's been a while sense I posted if I still haven't got this on here yet. Wiz is the hottest in the game! He goes HARD especially on that v2

-Beats killin it and Clipse and Cam both put it downnn

-Sry for the DJ

-Killin it

-I can handle Drake when he goes HARD like this shit

-I don't normally like Gotti, but this beat is too nice and he's goin hard.

-HOT R&B right here. Throw it on and you'll be on some p

-Tyga has got that crazy voice and flow. I'm feelin this one

-Hmm. Where's Game been?

-Yes! This got be geeked. Not because Wale put it down on this but the fact that Wale jumped on Posner's beat. "It's only a matter of time" before he's realll big

-Just fwd to 2:37 and listen to Ross killlll this

-OK Jeezy

-Akon once again has another Radio hit here

I'm sure I missed some. Ill keep lookin. XP crashed on that little boy last Sunday. Ut oh, looks like I'm re-up'in with 7...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gucci Mane "The Movie 3-D: The BlurrPrint!" Mixtape...

I'll start off with the bad: This is a DJ Drama mixtape...which is terrible because that means every track is gonna be littered with him talking and yelling. The good news: The tapes got a bunch of new Gucci and from what I heard so far he goes HARD.

Here's the datpiff link. Go ahead and listen for yourself: Gucci Mane - Movie 3: The BlurrPrint Mixtape

Here are a couple of my favs. You just gotta Fwd through about the first 30 seconds on every song...


-Great track

-This is a BANGERRRRRRR. Turn the bitch up and get on that background "hey hey hey hey..." chant. And how different does Juve sound.

-Another one of those Estelle "American Boy" type tracks with a good rapper on it that both the ladies and dudes will be dancing to hah

-Crazy soundin song but Nas rips his shit

-Gonna be a hit in the clubs 4 sho

-I need more Lupe in my life

-Another one that for the clubsss

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


-Crank it up, she's a bangaaaaa. If your not noddin the head to this one I dunno about you

-Gucci kills this and he's first so ur in luck

-um yeah Wale goes HARD...but I would of almost rather had the original Verve's vocals on the chorus

-I still am not sure about this dude but he puts it down here

-omg does Royce go HARD on this or what.

-Niceeee remix from a guy I've never heard of.

-Soundin like those old school Swisha House flows

Wiz Khalifa: This is the audio from two old Wiz youtube clips. I've listened to these so many times I finally just ripped the audio and through it into itunes and on the pod. The ATL freestyle is one of his bests and the I Believe In Make Believe is gonna be one of his classics as soon as he finally decided to finish and release the bitch. Enjoy

Thursday, October 1, 2009

For the weekend....

Fuck Tate

-Just a lowkey boy over that raido hit that I can't get sick of. Throw this on after the bar and your gettin p bet

-Damn another feel good boy. You know CuDi is still my dude even though the LP was only average.

-Fuck Don Cannon. omg does the Hot Spitta RIP this classic P beat or what. He floats and the second verse god damnn

-YES Buck about time I heard you actually go hard on something. Yo Gotti...keep tryin. This shit BANGS

-Put this on if you're trying to get real hype cause the shit BANNGGGSSS.

-I think G Malone can flow. Damn this beat is my shit

-RB from St. Louie gets me geeked with that speach

-This dropped way back in June but w/ a cheap version. Here's that mastered boy. Don't be afraid to bang it and pretend that you ball

-Man there's been a few feel good banggaaaass today.

I hate female rappers...buttttt Young Money's Nicki Minaj has prob had some of the best flows over this past stretch of garbage music. AND....she's a freak. google her
-BANGGAAA. Gucci and Nicki go equally HARDD. Too bad it's edited.

-Zoe doin what Zoe does

-Crazy song

-Can't deny the club bangerness of this track...