Sunday, November 22, 2009

Been Busy

Thought this was highly ironic that Gucci's new album dropping in December is titled what it is and all seeming he's goin to jail for at least another 6 months now. Looks like The State one this one.

-And the irony continues with...the reason he's goin back to jail is cause he violated his parole...come on Gucci. Anyways, he goes HARD here

-Another nice one from my dude

-Ye's whole G.O.O.D. music crew hopped on this one

-Alright, I tried to get you all geeked on the swag surf last year cause I knew that FLY track was gonna be hot. Well here's another hot club BANGER from those fly boyz

-This dude has been on FIRE these past few weeks.

-Game does his thang on this one

-Here go a banga off that new Ace Hood mixtape. Beats hard

-This shits hard and that beat is killin it

-Gotta like the titled

-Track dropped early last week. This is a lil taste of what you're gonna be gettin when Wiz drops that Deal or No Deal LP on Tuesday. I can not wait for that shit

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