Wednesday, April 8, 2009



Kid CuDi ft. Kanye & Common - I Poke Her Face
-Feelin that Lady GaGa hook doeee


Some new J.Roc (J.Rocwell):

-I norm don't fuck wit Banks but I gotta say he does kill that first verse. Sry but couldn't     find da dirty dirty 

P.S. Ron Browz, kill urself

-Some new Gucci GUCCI and he goin pretty bad on no zshare

-I wish CuDi's shit was new on this but its just the original song w/ a Ross freestyle on the end. I don't really care though cause CuDi is that deal and I'll bang that shit. Ross's flow is nice...wayyy too short doe 

-Boss Man himself goin hard

-Some new nice Boosiebadass

-Dropped a couple days back and I forgot to post. These two are prob. 2/current top 5 for ur boy. The songs nice but I want a bangerrr from them. 

-Nice track. Getum Nas...sry no Z

-Nice one for the parties and da ladies. 

-Brisscoooo...lettsss gooooo

-Sry bout the DJ but Gucci backkkkkk

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