Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bangers That Dropped in the Past 2 weeks or so

Hear's 38 recently dropped tracks ordered from least recent to most. Hope this makes up for the slackin...Enjoy

-Gucci got the first verse and he kills it

-Hot Spittttaaaaaaaaa!!!

-Ya Boy is about to burst out once he finally drops an LP. Check how hood the video is, he and his boys don't fuck around. 

-Fab out there sayin HE BACKKKK...sry for the DJ, no other version 


-Chuck has a nice flow over that oldschool TV show "Clarrisa explains it all" hah

-Both go hard on this dark track. Sry no DL link

-Both go hard on this ragae soundin beat

-dirrrtyyy south like boooooooooooooooooooooooo

-That New ATL anthem. Couldn't find a good zshare link but you can listen here 


-About time I had some more Gillie in my life...orig. verse from Mims so just start it at 01:40 and get hype u got some Gillie in ur life. 

-Their back and this is a BANGER. Nelly go SOOOO hard ur gonna want to take it back to 03:06 and listen to it again BET

-Damn Cam

-GREAT new banger. A great example of why I been feelin CuDi so much...his style is unique asfuck. 

-Some slower CuDi but still nice

-What up Buck 

-Maybe the HARDEST hitting base EVER. This shit bangin out with my earbuds on, God only knows how it hits on some subs 

-Busta tears this beat UP

-Both go hard especially Bow

-Jay can flow. What up Game

-Yayo, another dude I don't really bump but I like him on this intro. Boosie does Boosie 

-FIRST LEAK off his mixtape "Flight School" droppin sooonnnnnn (end of the month) 

-Don't normally fuck with Jada but he goes alright on this. OJ on the middle verse go hard and you gotta like that fresh and distinct Swizz beat/hook

Murphy Lee: Fuck U
-Three new tracks and Murph's flows sounded right. Links are not to zshare but just skip the ad and listen or DL from the site, it's safe

-Lil something to twist to

-dammmmnnnnnn Cam is back and dropin rhymes

Asher Roth: Lark On My Go-Kart
-Couple new tracks from him. Flows real nice on both

Fabolous-What It Look Like
-Off his new albulm

-Fresh beat...Juve still flows

-Too bad only the clean version dropped so far

-damn does Curren$y really steals the show from my man Wale? Hottttt Spiiitttaaaa

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