Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ok Time to Put You On That New "New"

***Sooo I got another fucking email from google saying half of my links are in copyright violations...FUCK off. So all the * are ones I had to take the link off. Again, google "the title" usershare or zippyhshare and you'll be able to grab it. 
Here's a list of some bangers that have dropped over the past week or two. Starting with the newest...

*T.I. ft. Drake - Poppin Bottles ---------BANGER
-WOW what a way to start this ish off again with this FIYAH! T.I. and Drake both do their thing on this...just and all around bangaaaa

Short Dawg ft. Lil Wayne - Lean
-Ok this Cannon produced track is smooth as fug. I hadn't heard much from SD before, but apparently he's part of Young Money and after listening to his mixtape that dropped 2 days ago I think he might be my fav in Y$. I def recommend checkin out his new tape (Southern Flame Spitta 4) if you're feelin him. Cannon produced the whole thing which means 1) The beats are niceeee and 2) His stupid ass voice is all over it. It's already got 12,000 listens in 2 days and a perfect 5/5 rating.

T.I. ft. Trey Sonz & Young Dro - Strip
-Man T.I. has been coming with that fire as of late! Another great track. Songz got the catchy hook and you know Dro does his thingggg

T.I. ft. Pharrell - Amazing
-Alright T.I., we all know you're BACK!

Chris Brown ft. Big Sean - Shit God Damn
-A little R&B for ya, but Chris Breezy is always on point and you know Big Sean is my dude

Chris Brown ft. Big Sean - Glitter
-These two been on that colab tip recently. Feel good track right here

Trey Songz - Maybe (Triggamix)
-Songz goes in over Ricky's "Maybe" beat and man, Songz can do both the rap and R&B shit RT

Gucci Mane - I'm In Love
-OK you think my first post back wasn't gonna have my man Gucci on it! Give it a listen starting at 0:40 cause the hook is brutal, but his 1st and 2nd verse are real nice. Gucci Mane you can understand!!

Ray J ft. Fabolous - One Wish (remix)(tags)
-Other than the DJ tags, this is another nice R&B jam and Fabo throws a real nice flow on it

Gucci Mane ft. OJ Da Juiceman & Wooh Da Kid - Bought A
-This might be a little too hood and grimy for some of you, but I'm feelin this and for once I actually kinda like OJ's part ha

*B.O.B. ft. Wiz Khalifa - Fuck the Money (remix)--------BANGER
-Soooooo smmmoottthhhh. It's between this track and "Poppin Bottles" for being the hottest ish to drop in the last two weeks. Incredible beat and Bob and Wiz BOTH Killll it...Man this shit makes me wanna hop on a quick flow RT.

Chris Brown -What U Doin
-Breezy tears Big Seans "Fug U Doin" track up right here! Didn't know he could throw down the fat raps like this. Bangerrrr

Chris Brown ft. Gucci Mane - Ms Breezy
-Who's taking over this post...T.I. or Breezy?!?

*G4 Boyz ft. Roscoe Dash - She Likes-----Trying to get hype?
-Man all I listened to for the entire summer was Roscoe. He's got the crazy/stupid voice and his lyrics are often ridiculous, but NO ONE gets a group of people more hype then Roscoe Dash. Put this on and let it BANG.

Young Jeezy - Black & Yellow (remix)
-While everyone hopped on my man Wiz's now-main-stream track, Jeezy get it here for one verse. I'd say average.

Fabolous - White N Navy
-Finally, someone added their own touch to black & yellow. Fabo KILLS it reppin the NY right here

Wiz Khalifa - Real Estate
-Does the beat sound familiar? It's the same track that T.I and Drake get on for "Poppin Bottles". You decide...

*Slim Thug ft. Lil Wayne - Fuck You--------- BANGGERRR
-FINALLY, Wayne does his thhinngggg on this track. Hard asa beat and song in general. This shit bangzzzz

*T.I. ft. Kanye & KiD CuDi - Welcome to the World------BANGER
-If you haven't heard this shit yet, it's an INSTANT DL!

Slim Thug ft. Rick Ross - How We Do It
-Ross and Slim both go hard as hell on this. Ricckkkkkyyyyy Rooooossssssss

Trey Songz - Don't Forget Your Ring
-I'm not even that big of a Songz fan, why have I been feeling all his shit recently? Idk but this track is nice too

Lloyd Banks ft. Eminem - Where I'm At

*Gunplay ft. Waka - Rollin------HARD
-Every song that Waka is on always goes extra hard, this one I actually like however. Shit crams

*T.I. ft. Eminem - All She Wrote-------- BANGERRRRR
-Another instant DL if you haven't been on this yet

*Diggy Simmons - Shook Ones (freestyle)------ Kills IT
-Diggy, Rev Runs little son, came on STRONG this summer. The kid is like 16 and has seriously one of the smoothest flows out today. Listen to him bounce along this classic. So the questions pissed is the older bro??

*T.I. - Mr. Kodak---- BANGER
-Alright T.I. shut the game DOWN the last 2 weeks, it's official

*Eminem ft. Dr. Dre - I Need a Doctor---Crazy track
-Idk how I feel about this. I'm glad to hear Dre finally back on a song, but this shit is kinda weird. O well, maybe Detox will one day come out. Until then....

*Trey Songz ft. Fabolous - Right Above It (Triggamix);----- HOTTT
-I really liked what Wayne and Drake did on the original. This remix is HOT though

*Wiz Khalifa - Bad Guy----BANGGEr
-Another Banger from my man Wizzzz

*Birdman ft. Lil Wayne - Fire Flame (remix)-----BANGGINNNN
-I hate Birdman but anytime he can get Wayne to actually go hard on a track I get geekd.  And overall he does his thing in this one sooo just bang it

*Lloyd Banks - Do My Thing-----Banks performing way above his ability
-Banks KILLS this for real.
-O and this track is the first one that I have ever really liked from Banks. It dropped a couple months back but I still got it on rotation ---*Lloyd Banks - King/Do My Thing--FIRE

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